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MV Dance Project was created by Founding Artistic Director Maxine Montilus in April 2019.  

“MV” stands for the names of Maxine’s grandmothers, Marie Maxine Montilus and Velie Pierre.  Both women lived lives of service to their communities in their native Haiti and the United States by providing economic support, healing services and more.  

MV Dance Project aims to be of service to communities as well, through the art form of dance.


MV Dance Project is of service to others through performances that both inform and inspire audiences on various social, cultural and historical issues, as well as in the realm of dance education through workshops, lecture demonstrations, master classes and residencies.

2019 Season

Guest Artists


Veronique Ignace


Monique LeFlore


Imani Nzingha


Italy Welton

Upcoming Performances

"Strength in Spirit"

Friday & Saturday, June 21 & 22 @ 7:30pm at Brooklyn Studios for Dance

Strength in Spirit is an exploration of the subject of spirituality from a broad perspective.  The piece probes the following questions: What are universal truths that permeate all belief systems? How can one sustain their spirit, especially in the midst of challenges and troubled times?

We are also conducting an online fundraising campaign for our first show! MV Dance Project has fiscal sponsorship through Fractured Atlas, so your donation is tax-deductible.
Visit to make a donation, and thank you for your support!  

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